If Juice fasting or Water fasting, fasting is the 'fast way' to physical health, mental health and spiritual health.

fastingFasting has been practiced for thousands of years with over 70 references being made to it in the bible in regards to Jesus who fasted frequently, sometimes for as long as forty days.

There are many different types of fasting programs with varying degrees of intensity and duration. The most intensive fast is to drink nothing but water. This can be too extreme for most people.

Consuming fresh juices during a fast gives the digestive system a rest without sending the body into the most intense reaction. Most people need to start slowly and prepare the body well beforehand if going on a water fast, but juice fasting is beneficial for most people.

The ideal duration in todays toxic world is a 7-10 day fast, as it takes exactly 7 days to completely purify the bloodstream and cleanse the lymphatic system of all residual wastes, however 2-3 or even one day fasts are a great way to start preparing your body for periodic cleansing.

We believe that many health problems are caused, or made worse, by un-healthful accumulations within the body. These accumulations may be in the form of chemical toxins such as PCB's, Dioxin, pesticide residue, etc. or normal metabolic products that are present in abnormal amounts. Fasting is one of the fastest ways to eliminate toxins and get to physical health, mental health and spiritual health.

In the past, many health problems were associated with deficiencies. Today, a majority of health problems are associated with nutritional excess. Conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, digestive problems, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, chronic fatigue, arthritis, and some forms of cancer are associated with nutritional excess in general, and excesses of animal fat and protein in particular.

By adopting a health promoting diet and lifestyle, many people are able to overcome both acute and chronic illness. If the resolution of a health concern is too slow, or an individual is having difficulty making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes, fasting can often be extremely useful. A properly conducted fast can allow the body to rapidly mobilise and eliminate toxic and metabolic accumulations.

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